Ryan Lons

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About me: Software Developer, Entrepreneur, Traveler

Jack of many trades, master of some

Some say I have an insatiable appetite for learning. I think it may be true. There are so many things I want to learn, skills I want to practice, projects I want to implement, languages I want to learn and places I want to travel. I enjoy building things and making them look great. Could be a website, an app, or the furniture in my living room.

I'm not really a code monkey, I bring more to the table than that. Show me something and I'll have ideas, things to try, ways to make it better. I'm not always right, but I course correct well and learn something in the process. I've traveled more than most of people I've met. The more I see the more I'm amazed by the world. Take a look at my online resume here, I may or may not be open to new work but if you're interested in chatting drop me a line.

Reach me via email at: lonsrb@gmail.com



Quick summary

10+ years professional experience. Split up between Austin TX, the Bay Area CA, and remote work. The past 7 years have been more focused on iOS though I've built more than a few sites in my spare time.
Wake Forest University | Bachelors of Science in Computer Science 2007. Minor in mathematics. Deans list. UPE
High school valedictorian 2003

Highlights of my favorite projects

Under Armour

About: Under Armour (UA) is an athletic apparel company dedicated to making all athletes better. The fully understand that the digital world will play a huge role to that end. Under Armour's Connected Fitness team focuses on moving pushing the envelope with their apps & websites dedicated to making athletes better. Under Armour Connected Fitness is responsible for some very large apps such as: MyFitnessPal, UARun, MapMyFitness (and its various "flavors") and UA Record.

Site: underarmour.com

Dates: March 2016 - Feb 2018

My role: Lead iOS Developer Foundational Services

My Responsibilities: UA bought a number of apps and each app did things their own way. Cue the "Foundational Services" team whose responsibility it was to unify various UA apps at a foundational level. My responsibility as Lead iOS Developer was to create SDKs/libraries to be used by all the iOS apps UA ran. It's better to write the new shared code once, and in a reusable manner, and to distribute to the apps' teams, rather than have them write their own code for common features. My "clients" were the app teams and my deliverables were the frameworks, unit test suites, thorough documentation, and a demo app distributed via Crashlytics.

My code was going into every UA iOS app (to ~100 million users), mistakes would impact a large number of users. The nature of the code was around core features such as authentication, notifications, and feature flipping. Bugs had to be solved quickly and adequately. I worked closely with the Android developers on the same team to ensure as much parity in the frameworks as possible.


About: WersDa is a product location navigation app & sdk. It's purpose it to make shopping at grocery stores and large retailers more convenient. WersDa's navigation is not dependent on GPS or hardware installation. If you have a list of shopping items WersDa can provide an optimized route for you through the store. They system easily handles stores with 45,000 product facings which is the average quantity for grocery stores.

Site: wersda.com

Dates: October 2012 - June 2016

My role: Co-founder, designer, developer, marketing, sales, and more

My Responsibilities:Everything really, we were a small team and I'm was in charge of everything tech and many things not tech. I designed, architected, implemented the WersDa app, SDK, server and web front-end. We built a patent pending system and I helped create the language and diagrams for the patent. Also, as I'm was the primary content creator for the blog so if you're curious check out what I had to say at wersda.com/blog


About: Akimbo provides an awesome prepaid credit card service that makes it easy to create and stick to budgets, manage allowances, and share money with friends and family.

Site: akimbocard.com

Dates: October 2011 - Present

My role: Senior iOS developer contractor

My Responsibilities: I was responsible for architecture and development of the Akimbo Mobile iOS app from scratch to app store. The team collaborated remotely and I worked with backend developers and an superb designer. My involvement presently is mostly maintenance with the occasional new feature thrown in.


About: EarthScribe was a personal endeavor of mine which is no longer in the app store because I'm choosing to focus on WersDa. That being said EarthScribe was probably my favorite project so far and definitely one of the most complex. EarthScribe is a GPS based augmented reality app that allows users to place graffiti anywhere they like. Passersby can hold up their device and see other peoples graffiti overlaid on the camera using computer vision algorithms to create an augmented reality experience.

Site: earthscri.be //No longer hosted

Dates: January 2010 - June 2012

My role: Designer, developer, architect

My Responsibilities: This was my project so I was responsible for everything. In this case everything include a server with a REST api written in C# .NET and the iOS client. Some of the biggest challenges were the geometry algorithms that could take the users location, heading, and device orientation and properly size and transform the art in conjunction with the computer vision algorithms. I still hope to revive this project someday if nobody comes along to do it first.


About: Jiff Inc. is a healthcare startup headquartered in Palo Alto California. Jiff has created the Jiff Platform which integrates with a wide array of health products. The integration of these products allows employers to provide customized and branded health guidance to their employees in categories including weight management, activity, sleep and blood pressure tracking.

Site: jiff.com

Dates: January 2012 - August 2013

My role: Senior iOS Developer

My Responsibilities: Given Jiff's small startup size, every developer plays a huge role in the success of any project. At Jiff we worked in small agile groups to quickly implement minimum viable product apps which we would then iterate on to determine the app's long term potential. One of the requirements at Jiff is that we be able to quickly change the banding in an app. To help the effort I wrote the majority a styling engine that could be feed a plain JSON file that would act like a CSS sheet and rebrand the app dynamically. This was a cool project that allowed me to do some fun UI/UX coding and testing.